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IBM Datapalooza Mashup

I was at the IBM Datapalooza Mashup day in June 2016. It was really interesting to learn how IBM go about capturing all the data and statistics at Wimbledon. The ability for the Wimbledon’s team of  content creators to get interesting facts before the press is a real world example on how data can give a strategic advantage.

By predicting the type of records that are likely to be broken well in advance and then getting real time data when these records are broken give team Wimbledon an edge over any other news organisations.

There were various demonstrations on how IBM’s Bluemix product is being utilised to manage social media through its text analytics interface.

Another really interesting workshop was about a product called Node Red, this is  a visual programming language ideal for Hackathons, it allows one to connect various rest services visually and if you need more flexibility one can get under the hood by editing the node.js scripts the application produces in the background.


Certainly a great tool to help build proof of concepts and test out code:





I come from a background where I have built up and run as successful marketing agency. I am now interested in looking at new more innovative approaches, particularly in the area of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Statistics.

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