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Microsoft and Adobe partnership, where does this leave Sitecore?

Adobe and Microsoft have been friends for a while, obviously they have had their history with flash and silver light…

Recently Microsoft and Adobe announced a major strategic partnership where Adobe said it would make Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud platform, and Microsoft said it would make the Adobe Marketing Cloud its preferred marketing solution for Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.

This makes sense as Adobe does not have its own CRM solution and for Microsoft it provides a powerful SAS offering for digital marketing. The one question it does raise is where does it leave Sitecore?

Sitecore announced its own strategic partnership with Microsoft, with support for Sitecore on Azure and a major investment in joint commerce solution development that joins Dynamics for Retail with the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Whilst Adobe’s main competitor is Sitecore there are various modules within Sitecore such as PxM (Print Experience Manager) that are actually utilising the Adobe creative suit.

Further Sitecore is very much a framework rather than a SAS offering. So my take on this is that Microsoft wins regardless and the market wins too as there are various options available.

There is also developments with a new standard data model called XDA (Experience Data Model) Given how many “Experience” modules Sitecore provides this just slots right in with the Sitecore lingo…

It will be great to see how things pen out, but one thing is for sure as is reflected by Microsoft Share price growth of 60% in the last year, Azure is a great success and all the partnerships ensure even more consumption on the Azure Cloud.