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Design Thinking the Art & Science of Innovation

I recently had the pleasure of completing a Design Thinking Course that was recommended by my manager at Capgemini. Normally I would be inclined to take more technical courses so this was certainly different….

The key motivation was that at Capgemini employee’s should think outside the box and help come up with ideas that are novel for our clients. Design thinking is particularly strong for any form of human centric problem solving, it helps accelerate innovation to create better solutions for challenges facing business and society.

The course was based on IDEO’s design thinking approach and they provided a very comprehensive methodology whilst helping us solve a real-world case study. What was really interesting was how we could collectively come up with insights that were founded on observations and experiencing the process was great… what was more encouraging was that I found myself in the winning team (makes things even more fun)

Design thinking starts with people and we apply creative tools, like storytelling, prototyping and experimentation to deliver new breakthrough innovations.

When doing observations, it’s good to look at extreme cases and then based on fact based observations coming up with insights that are authentic, non-obvious and revealing. This needs to be followed by framing opportunities and this becomes a springboard for ideas and solutions.

Whilst at the course we came up with this novel thinking and more recently as part of an AIE project at Capgemini we were again able to make this leap making this a very powerful and credible approach.

The following a you tube video that was recorded whilst we were having fun doing some field research for one of UK’s most innovative brands:


I come from a background where I have built up and run as successful marketing agency. I am now interested in looking at new more innovative approaches, particularly in the area of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Statistics.

2 thoughts on “Design Thinking the Art & Science of Innovation

  1. Another great article and interesting topic. I think it was you I first heard the term ‘persuasive design’ Many years ago. It’s true, when you understand the barriers, motivations and needs etc etc, you can design a way around them – but you can’t do it in reverse.

    Enjoyed the video – fancy hairdo!

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    1. Hey Paul thanks for the comment, the design thinking I am referring to here is more about the approach in solving human problems… obviously in terms of UX / UI this also applies as we are dealing with people… but the course was more at the broader level approach… actually not too far off from something like soft systems thinking SSM…


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